Monday, June 13, 2011

So. Many. Pictures.

Due to some camera/camera cord/computer issues, I've been taking pictures but not been able to upload them reliably.  Everything's fixed now, so on with Me Made June!  There's more than a week's worth of pictures, so click through to read (if this clogs up your reader, I apologize)

Friday June 3:  This is the same pattern as the first fellowship dress, but with the view that has a narrower collar band and sleeves.  I'm super happy with it.  It's been too warm to wear it, but we had a cool, rainy day that it was just perfect for.  And, although I'm really in love with it, it probably won't come back out until the fall because a. I made it to teach in, so that's what I associate it with and b. the colors seem very fall to me.  I was a little uncertain about adding the box-pleat ruffle to the bottom because I wasn't sure if it would go over the top, but, as previously revealed, I apparently love ruffles.  And the box pleat is like the ruffle's professional older sister.

Saturday June 4:  (This is a little bit of a cheat, since I wore it late Friday to Saturday morning, but since the me-made nightgown I spent Saturday in will not be making an appearance on the interwebs, this will have to suffice).  This is a self-drafted pattern made with a vintage silk sari; it's one of, or maybe the first thing I self-drafted completely.  I don't know why I thought this idea would be a good one to try drafting for the first time, but it turned out well.  I was trying for a cowl neck and ended up with more of a bateau, but it's one of my favorite special occasion dresses.  The first show of the season opened at J's theater, and all the staff and significant others go out afterwards, so this dress gets a spin at the party at least once a summer.

Sunday June 5: The return of the ruffles.  This is probably the only entirely me-made outfit (at least, outfit with pants) for the month, since these are the only pants I've ever made.  Thank you, Mrs. Fadsworth's seventh grade home ec.  

Monday June 6:  I lied already, this is all me-made as well.  The sweater is this cloud bolero on Ravelry, the dress is not feminist enough.  Monday was damn hot, and I gave blood (not a good mix, frankly), but I also had to go in and out of lots of air conditioned buildings, so the bolero helped with the temperature swings.  This is also one of my go-to pairings for teaching.

Tuesday June 7:  Another too-hot day.  The skirt is silk, but purchased.  The top is embroidered in white; it's cut down from a kameez found in a thrift store.  I cut it down a little too much, hence the need for an undershirt, but it's a good summer top anyway.  Good for writing and staring down my chapter.

Wednesday June 8:  Another hot day, another self-drafted pattern.  The bust is partially modeled on this tutorial; the rest is a waist band, circle skirt, and some draping on the dress form.  Between not having much fabric and not knowing what I was doing, the neckline is much more open than I'd intended, but this isn't a dress to wear to work anyway.  Plenty of sitting on lakeside docks is done in this dress.

Thursday June 9:  I didn't think this was going to be a self-drafted top, but it really ended up being self drafted.  The pattern, seen here, top photo, had all the pieces for all the other views--and only the back piece for the view I wanted.  Between the pattern layout and a little draping, I drafted the other patterns, although it's tighter in the hip than I would have liked.  This is from a thrifted silk skirt I chopped up; I had intended it as a wearable muslin for a bit of new-bought silk I had to have, but while I like this top well enough, I don't love it well enough to have another version of it.  The search will continue.

Friday June 10:  The yellow top again, with a purchased flannel and jeans, for a trip to the CSA with a friend.  The weather turned cool

Saturday June 11:  Here's the week's adventure.  It's a twofer, since both my dress and J's shirt are made by me.  Why are we taking photos in the car?  We had intended to frolic while picking strawberries at a u-pick farm, but we mis-judged Overcast's perpetual cloudcover and got caught out in the biggest deluge of the month after several days of clouds and no rain.  

Sunday June 9:  Still cold (90+ in May and then 60s in June?  Come on).  Since it's cool, out comes the wool circle skirt. My mother bought me this huge scrap of fabric at a thrift store because she liked the colors; I sat on it for years because it wasn't my thing, but I turned it on the bias and now I love it.  I guess I just like checks on the bias in circle skirts.

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