Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RBOC: Self Distraction

  • It is much easier to do academic tasks which are not writing when there is writing to be done.
  • Cutting down a big piece of writing to fit length requirements for writing samples for grant applications is easy to start but agonizing to finish: no matter how many times I do it, I always think before I begin that it will be easy because I'll just skim and cut out the junk, and then spend way too long arguing with myself about whether to leave something in and then get side tracked into looking at my research files and end up not cutting anything.
  • A friend who is self employed and works alone says: I hate arguing with that jerk out in the shop because he always wants to do things the hard way and he always wins.  
  • [An aside: this friend is your go-to guy if you want a historical bucket made.  If you've watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Deadwood, or Hell on Wheels, or been to Jamestown or Plimoth Plantation and seen a bucket, he made it.]
  • The jerk I work with wants to endlessly go through research files instead of actually writing, and is winning right now.

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  1. there are way too many rabbit holes in my projects, to-do lists, and house. i seem to have done everything but my new year's resolutions today. sigh. back to trying to work. (and trying not to watch the bachelor?!)