Sunday, April 17, 2011

A rainy day

We got our cool weather vegetable seeds put in the ground two days ago, and then I spent the next day hiding inside from the rain and hating all the photos I took in the archives.  Right now I'm just crossing my fingers that the seeds outside don't get flooded away; our back yard is apparently quite low and water gathered in parts during the snow melt.  The inside flower seedlings are looking good, although they got neglected during the couch re-do.

No heavy thoughts for today; I'm contemplating making these hanging moss balls or some macrame (oh noes!) plant hangers to get some of my plants out of the cat's nibbling range.  There is, of course, also the RTW sewalong, which I'm lagging on because I'm playing around with the fit of my muslin.  It seems very large, but I don't want to get rid of all the ease.  I've also got a post rattling around about the place of empathy in politics and feminism, but that's taking a while to come together.  

Otherwise J and I are gearing up for summer and trying to recover from the couch recovering; housework got neglected while we were both distracted by that and there are both piles of laundry and piles of dishes looming.  

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  1. Eileen- thanks for your comment on my jacket! My measurements correspond just about exactly to those on the pattern envelope and I did not need to make any adjustments to the fit of the torso in this pattern. I think it fits quite comfortably but snugly, however I like this in a jacket and I think the design is meant to fit closely to the body. If you have too much ease you may need to shave a touch off some of those seams.