Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Groceries?

Here's a kitty chaser after the heavy polemic of the last post: why is our cat named Groceries?  J and his college roommate got the 3-year-old Cat-Soon-to-be-Known-as-Groceries from the shelter at the beginning of their senior year.  J and I had been dating for almost two years at this point; it was discussed and decided all around that the cat would move with J into my house in Overcast after graduation.  

Cat-Soon-to-be-Known-as-Groceries was named something stupid like Greyboy at the shelter, and who knows what before that (he came from the home of an animal hoarder, although we haven't noticed any behavioral problems because of it).  J's roommate got naming prerogatives, and named Cat-Soon-to-be-Known-as-Groceries after an indie band.  

The name didn't stick, though, because Cat-Soon-to-be-Known-as-Groceries sat inside of grocery bags all the time (still does) and J's college friends started calling Groceries Groceries.  This means, of course, that all the cat's adoption and medical forms have different names on them (who know a cat needed so many forms?)   

So there's your daily cat blogging.


  1. Maybe your cat gets his penchant for alcohol from the hoarder? Or his tendency to soothe himself with material items (eg: rubbing himself lasciviously against the plastic food bin)?

  2. The cat also has 3 last names on his adoption and medical forms. Another first name wouldn't kill him. Also he's a cutie and I am going to come visit him.