Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Reading List

I'm taking today (and possibly tomorrow) to rework an article in hopes of submitting it this summer, so here's a roundup of webcomics and cartoons I indulge in.

The Abominable Charles Christopher This is sometimes sad, usually sweet, and beautifully illustrated.

Wondermark Historic illustrations captioned awesomely.  My favorite is "In Which Education is Vital" because sometimes I think it would be better to defend a dissertation that way.

Atomic Robo Robot hero defends the world from vampires and dinosaurs.  Nuff said.

Hark, A Vagrant!  Canadian history comics, Lois Lane, and sass.  Occasionally mermaids.

Dr McNinja  Basically what it says it is.  Too ridiculous not to read.

Girl Genius  Steampunk and romance, but not too much of either.  This one is huge and long running, so there's plenty of archives to read, but don't expect it to resolve any storylines anytime soon.  J and I started reading together when we started dating (3+ years ago) and the main storyline still hasn't been resolved.

Romantically Apocalyptic  Oil painting comics?  Flesh eating monsters?  Ridiculous pop culture references?  Check, check and check.

Saturday Morning Cartoons has a great weekly series in which they link to animated shorts; they're sometimes a little sad, like this week's, but usually fun.

Wish me luck writing today, and I hope you found something fun to procrastinate with.  Revising this article is both nervewracking and exciting; it puts me one step closer to putting my work out there for real and looking at the job market, which is frightening, but it's exciting because it's a piece I wrote a year ago and I finally feel like I'm in a place to answer the questions I left hanging when I put it aside.

A happy and peaceful Easter if you celebrate.

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